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Custom Orthotics


Custom Foot Orthotics

If you are looking to purchase a custom foot orthotic then we can help you. Sometimes a good high quality custom orthotic is one the best things you can do for the health of your feet. The foot is composed of 26 bones and numerous joints so it is prone to conditions that not only cause pain but also affect the knee, hip and spine. The good news is many of these conditions are preventable and even correctable simply by caring for the structure and functioning level of your feet. The most common foot problems occur due to fallen (flattened) arches. ‘Flat feet’ is another common term for this condition. Other common culprits involved in foot pain include misaligned bones, as well as inflamed joints and nerves. A high quality custom foot orthotic may be all that is needed to relieve all these problems.
4 Goals of Custom Foot Orthotics

1. Decrease Shock
2. Realign the Foot
3. Absorb Shearing Forces
4. Control Pronation (Foot Flattening)

Sole-Supports-Foot-OrthoticWhen purchasing orthotics you need to do some research and invest your money wisely in the right pair. Unfortunately, a lot of  brands are sub par when it comes to actually correcting the function of your foot and stopping pain. This is typically because they provide ample comfort but do not correct how the foot interacts with the ground. On the other hand, many custom orthotics are so hard and unforgiving, they are more uncomfortable than the conditions they are supposed to correct! A true ‘custom’ foot orthotic should not only be made from a mold of your individual feet, it should also physically alter foot posture and correct its function. Here at P3, we exclusively offer Sole Supports custom foot orthotics. We feel the Sole Supports brand represents the industry’s highest standard for an orthotic that is not only comfortable and effective, but designed for the specific needs of your feet.

SoleSupportsArchRaiseHere are the common differences that exist among orthotics and we can explain why Sole Supports are the only orthotics you will ever need.




Rigid vs. Semi-Rigid Foot Orthotics

One of the most important qualities of a custom foot orthotic is how firm (rigid) it is. This directly describes if the orthotic is capable of giving and bending beneath the weight of your foot. Some custom orthotics are too rigid for your foot and can actually cause pain and additional damage. This will then turn people away from a great service they may need but have not had a good experience with.

Sole supports custom orthotics are semi-rigid. They are not extremely stiff or too soft. The majority of the rigidity is built in where you need it – typically in the heel and inner arch of your foot. If you have a fallen arch (over-pronation), this will correct your main problem instantly. The forefoot of Sole Supports is very flexible. The semi-rigidity has some give beneath your weight yet provides ample support to correct the structure of your feet. Semi-rigid is one of the best ways to go for people purchasing orthotics.

Casting for Foot Orthotics

In order for foot orthotics to have a great effect on foot pain and dysfunction, they need to be custom made. This means the structure of all 26 bones, 33 joints and 4 arches are accounted for in the construction of the foot orthotic. This is accomplished by taking a cast of each foot. The cast is made in a semi-weight bearing position as to mimic proper foot orientation and maximize foot function. Other orthotics are made in a non weight bearing-postion which does not allow for proper fitting.

Quality Materials

Purchasing custom foot orthotics should be an investment in your comfort for years to come. Make sure the orthotic you purchase can withstand may years of use as our feet take a hammering everyday. We choose Sole Supports as they are made of great material and you will not be buying another pain in a few months due to wear and tear. Investing into your footwear is a smart choice.
Additional Options

Sole Supports orthotics also have options that can be specially ordered, some at no additional charge. These options allow you to custom tailor your orthotics even further to your specific needs. Some of the options include:

• Several shoe lengths – ½, ¾, and full length
• Narrow widths for women’s shoes
• Heavy duty wide widths for work boots
• Non-slip athletic top layer
• Bamboo moisture wicking top layer
• Increased top layer thickness for additional comfort
• Heel lifts for leg length discrepancies
• Metatarsal pads built in to give extra comfort to specific joints


How to Purchase Sole Supports Foot Orthotics

P3 Chiropractic is committed to helping you get better. Come in for a free consultation if you are looking for foot pain relief. If custom orthotics is something you are interested in, AND Dr. Olsen feels it is something that you would benefit from, we will do everything from there. During the consultation, we will evaluate the structure of your feet, as well as your complaints, to determine if orthotics can help. We can also show you orthotic samples and answer any questions you may have. If you would like to proceed with getting casted, we can do so at that time. Orders typically arrive within one to two weeks. When your orthotics arrive, you will come back for a second appointment to pick up your order and receive instruction on how to begin wearing them. After that, hopefully we will never see your feet again.



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