3 P's explained

3 P's explained


Pain Relief

      There is just no way around this. People will hurt or injure themselves at some point and need some place to get it fixed. Some serious injuries need and warrant surgery, but for most cases a conservative approach should be sought first. Here at P3 we do not have standardized, long treatment plans because each case requires different treatment protcols. Smaller cases can be taken care of in a single treatment or two while other complex cases may take longer. We pride ourselves in seeing you less, not more because the less we see of you the better we are at our job. WIth a combination of therapies and education we believe every patient should be able to respond to our treatments and recieve help with their pain.



      There are also those among us who want to improve our current abilities and take them to the next step. If you fall in this category, Active Release Techniques and other modalities may fit you perfectly to help with that goal. If you feel that you are consistently tired or sore in the same area each and every time you exercise then it is time to get it checked out. Do not let some small nuisance deter you from your exercising goals. If you know someone who wants to better themselves but can't get past an injury, send them in.



      If you are feeling good for the most part but want to remain in that status, then a preventative approach would be your way to go. Taking care of your back and extremeties with regular checkups and treatments are similiar to going to the dentist every few months or changing the oil in your car. It just makes everything feel better and helps prevent flareups. Whether you need to implement some different exercises or stretches into your daily life or just want some sore muscles worked on, coming in before you're in pain would be best



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